• Large custom fountains!

    A soothing dose of tabletop serenity!  Made-to-order custom wheel thrown stoneware fountain, available with your choice of solar or electric powered pump!  This fountain's thoroughly indulgent babble is fully adjustable to achieve just the right level of relaxing ambiance.  Outdoor safe above freezing temperatures!

  • Sculptural Medusa teapot in Downy Amethyst

    Mythic yet modern squat slim-lipped wheel-thrown stoneware teapot, glazed in Downy Amethyst, featuring two of my stony-eyed original Medusa sculptures on either side!  An unabashedly exquisite and unique melding of fine art and smart utility and practicality, perfect for a Lovecraftian tea party, or when Cthulhu comes calling!

  • Slim-necked mug in Ancient Bronze

    Guaranteed to confer a 300% tastiness bonus to any fine beverage sipped, gulped, or guzzled therefrom!

  • Custom tagines!

    Custom wheel-thrown stoneware tagine!  Think "primitive crock pot," only your grandma's Rival never looked so good. ;)

  • Custom wheel-thrown stoneware bowl or plate!

    Toss this on your coffee table at your next soirée, and revel in the oohs and ahhs of your delighted guests.  Are your party snacks and munchies ready for this?!