Turnaround time

I will work tirelessly to craft your perfect item and am more than happy to remake it if it comes out of the kiln failing to conform to the agreed-upon specifications (I freely admit that the firing process can be unpredictable!).  On rare occasions, items may take upwards of a month to complete.  In such cases in which the date of shipping exceeds 45 days from the date of payment, I will waive shipping.

Return policy

I am not able to offer immediate "buyer's remorse" refunds on custom items that have been crafted and fired.  When I am able to resell your custom item, the cost will be refunded immediately.

Damaged item policy:

In the rare event that an item arrives damaged, the proper channels must be followed for the refund to be processed.  Please contact me as soon as possible with a photo and make sure to keep every piece of packing material. You'll need to bring the box and all of its contents (including every last scrap of packing material and both damaged and undamaged pieces) to the post office in order for me to file a claim for you.

Just covering all the bases here. I promise it's not nearly so scary as it sounds! :)