Custom large wheel-thrown stoneware fountain!

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Made-to-order custom large wheel-thrown stoneware fountain!  A soothing dose of tabletop serenity!

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Made-to-order custom large wheel thrown stoneware fountain, available with your choice of solar or electric powered pump! This fountain's thoroughly indulgent babble is fully adjustable to achieve just the right level of relaxing ambiance. Outdoor safe above freezing temperatures!

This fountain is, more or less, serenity encapsulated, for sale! Replete with sumptuous curves and draped in exquisite original designs from the basin to the sky, this exquisite fountain will absolutely MAKE a special fairy garden, or any space you never knew was urgently in need of the relaxing ambiance of babbling water.

This stunning fountain features my intricate hand-applied original designs flowing over its dripless center spout's sumptuous curves, and its gently flared basin. These are my signature techniques, which owe their uniqueness to the half decade it has taken me to develop them through varied experimentation. I like to tell my customers at art festivals that every piece they see before them began its life as a lump of clay, and then I happened to it!

My pieces are designed primarily with utility and comfort of use in mind, and are all dishwasher, microwave and oven safe, lightweight, and an absolute pleasure to use. Additionally, they're made with stoneware clay, which I then fire to cone 6, or about 2200 degrees F, which makes them quite durable. I've created them to stand up to exactly ALL of your love and abuse!

My customers always ask where the inspiration for my designs come from, and the only answer I've ever been able to give is that my parents took me to museums all the time when I was really little - New York, Boston, Philly, etc. My best guess is that all of this varied cultural influence during my early formative years springs out whenever I doodle!

Now, I've done my own research, and as it turns out, my lovingly handcrafted vessels confer roughly a 300% tasty bonus to any beverage sipped delicately from them. You're quite welcome to add some peer review... ;)

Please allow three weeks for me to lovingly handcraft your item. If you absolutely require it sooner, please let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate you!

Thanks so much!



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Custom large wheel-thrown stoneware fountain!

Custom large wheel-thrown stoneware fountain!

Made-to-order custom large wheel-thrown stoneware fountain!  A soothing dose of tabletop serenity!